Dear The Aristo Token Community

First of all we would like to thank you for trusting The Aristo Powerful Token project and your contribution.

We would like to Inform you that we have upgraded all indicators and tables for HI and Algorithm trading! They were not working properly from November and just did our best to stabilize price tokens during this period.

We are doing our beta test and hopefully from early next week we will be on track again.

On the other hand, between more than 300 exchanges , 10 exchanges were shortlisted and last week we chose two exchanges for final conclusion and we will continue to get final results with one of them and accordingly we will inform you of the exact listing date , and count down will get started.

During this period we may launch two other big services and complete our DAO phase one and completely ready to go to the public.

Don’t miss the remaining time till the end of the crowd-sale since everyone will regret, if they don’t buy the powerful Aristo token!

We did not mint a normal token , we are writing our own history for all nations to know how they are able to hire HI and get rich in any volatile market where others lose their capitals!

Join us for a better future !

We are waiting for you in the Aristo world, and at your service with many projected utilities and apps that are designed with state of the art technology just for Aristo members.

Buy and Hold The Arsito token and let HI make your capital grow like never before!