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The Aristo A Powerful ERC20 Token Is Here!

The story commenced from our weekly board meetings, when every director was complaining about crypto volatility and related Indexes, that how sentimental affect our business!

We knew and believed cryptocurrencies are salvation! There is no investment better than crypto in this decade,  but how can we convince conservative clients, mostly matured and retired, to invest in the crypto market?! Their answers were always a big NO! Cryptocurrencies were not tangible, and most clients were unfamiliar with new technology and gadgets.

It was not easy to believe investing in something that has just in a day more than ten percent price difference will be a wise decision!


Offering a basket of cryptocurrencies was more confusing! They did not even remember what they bought and what the name was.

When someone wanted to change, trade, or swap an item, it would turn to hell.

Hiro came with a golden Idea! Let us make a Token instead of a basket with different cryptocurrencies and even gold and silver? a wise man said once, “never show behind a fuse box to everyone. It is too scary for most people”.

Let clients buy just one token and leave it to a numerical machine armed with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to decide when to buy and sell a basket of currencies. Such an approach will  secure the token value!

Price volatility will never panic clients anymore, and they experience a profitable investment with the best possible investment return!

Like sitting in a first-class spaceship and starting an unforgettable journey to the moon and beyond!

Aristo Token


It was brilliant! Just brilliant, a professional team was formed. We gathered a precious database, and AI and machine learning team worked seamlessly together to let it happen.  Finally, The Aristo Token was born!.

Now it is an honor for our team to introduce the Aristo, a powerful ERC20 Token.

Karnav Shah, CEO Platinum Crypto Academy and Editor in Chief at Cryptonaire Weekly thinks highly of the Aristo Token project, he explained: “Aristo is an ERC20 token that aims investors to select just one token instead of having several cryptocurrency coins and have the benefit from most successful cryptos. Project’s like Aristo Token are very exciting. We make sure to help them reach the larger crypto community by sharing more about these shapeshifting solutions with our readers and across our community channels.”

investors will need to buy and hold the Aristo. As long as they hold the token, they will earn more profit and grow their saving exponentially.

What do an investor may wish except The Aristo Token?

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