Hiro Watanabe

The head of the ARISTO team presumed pseudonymous person or persons who wrote ARISTO smart contract, authored the ARISTO white paper, and created and deployed ARISTO’s original reference implementation. Watanabe stated the idea of ARISTO came to his mind, when he saw lots of confusion in the young, amateur cryptocurrency market. Many people worldwide without proper knowledge are investing in this market, but because of high volatility and uncontrolled emotions, they lose all their savings carelessly. He/she and his/her colleagues started recruiting team in early 2020 to develop mathematical and sentimental models using artificial intelligence with the latest achievements by scientists! The results were unbelievable!! algorithm and models passed all tests with perfection and they were able to deploy an unbeatable token! no worry about market volatility anymore, ARISTO can gain each penny of market growth and don’t let bears stick to its candles! ARISTO is the only token, will remain bullish most of the time and with caped quantity and different modeled strategies never face inflation.

Watanabe has never revealed personal information when discussing on social media. Watanabe claimed to be a 51-year-old male world traveller. By the way he/she is a team or person, ARISTO token will show how a genius mind is behind this project and any buyer, in particular during VIP sale will win the jackpot. let see who would claim this title when the ARISTO token left behind others one by one in ranking and ROI.