Dear followers and contributors

Thank you for your effort and getting involved in discussions and direct messages , sometimes direct messages is too much and we are not able to answer them immediately by the way we get similar questions together to answer it in one post , few contributors asking why token price is not increasing like past months and they expecting more profit from their investment. We think everyone in the crypto market is aware of the mark situation.

The Aristo powerful token is part of this market too , it means we are pairing different coins and tokens to keep up our price and from time to time make profit from different trade possibilities .

At the moment market volume has reduced about 60% and most of coins and tokens corrected tremendously and even algorithms break up caused a lot of lose , same happened to Luna recently , we are doing our best to be careful to keep your investment safe , there are volatility, this is the main concern , in the other hand if people contribute more and network grow by everyone help definitely we will be back to previous track earlier , it is you own token and you have to hold and be loyal to it.

This is magic to the crypto world that everyone got his own governance on his money .

Thank you again and we are expecting a better market in future!

Buy and Hold Aristo and let HI get you to your goals!