Buy and Hold Aristo Token and Let hybrid intelligence invest for you

Dear Contributors!

Unfortunately, it seems that a handful of investors are not even aware of the basic information of this market. In some cases, they ask questions that indicate this issue. Some consider buying and investing in cryptocurrencies are same as betting on racehorses. At the end of every race, the winner and the loser are determined!

Financial markets are not managed this way and have their precise mechanism. The initial coin offering (ICO) is the pre-sale of a company’s shares to launch predetermined projects. When the stock enters the financial markets, it means the opening of the business, and it’s just beginning. Do you think it makes sense to sell the shares of a company at the beginning of the business and enter the primary market?

Of course, we are addressing those questioning us to sell or keep their tokens in the past few days. Otherwise, those who have experience in the financial markets and are familiar with this market know that entering the exchange( in particular the first one) is the time to buy; otherwise, it causes loss of the property and delays the maturity period of the capital.

Again, we advise all respected and valuable investors to refrain from selling their tokens in this stage, especially at a price lower than the market price, and to hold until the remaining 30% of the offered tokens are absorbed by the public market. Of course, after that, the market will be in the hands of the sellers to set whatever price they want for their token.
Buy and Hold Aristo Token and let Hi invest for you!