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ARII, Aristo

Poverty will leave the city 

Poverty will leave the city Poverty will leave the city It is the year 2021 Defi world expecting a new Toke A genius young team Makes a breakthrough An invention that can possibly change the world An invention that can make DREAMS come true Everything…

ARII, Aristo

Enjoy Your Life 

Enjoy Your Life Enjoy Your Life Live life to the fullest! Enjoy Every moment! The most important thing is to enjoy life! To be happy is all that matters! Buy and hold ARISTO token Visit Us:

ARII, Aristo


Here’s to the CRAZY ONES CRAZY ONES The Misfits The Rebels The Trouble Makers The Round Pegs in the Square Holes The Ones WHO sees things Differently They’re not fond of rules and they have no respect for the status QOU you can QUOTE with…