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Be a financial institution 

Be a financial institution Cryptocurrency exchange Binance wants to ‘be a financial institution’, seeks licences to undo regulatory red flags Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, said it was seeking licences and multiple headquarters in response to a slew of warnings issued in several jurisdictions…


Amazon Job and Cryptocurrency 

Amazon Job Posting Hints at Plan to Accept Cryptocurrency Inc.’s payments team is exploring letting customers use cryptocurrencies to pay for their orders — a development that’s roiling digital currency markets. An Amazon job posting published online last week seeks a “Digital Currency and…


gold-crazy India 

In gold-crazy India, millennials are turning to cryptocurrency amid Covid-19 Digital currencies such as bitcoin are becoming red-hot investments amid economic uncertainty during the pandemic This comes as the government is softening its tone after years of hostility against the sector, but many financial organisations…


Bitcoin, mainstream and Singapore 

W ill Bitcoin become mainstream currency in Singapore one day? Despite its increased use and popularity in Singapore, Bitcoin has several characteristics that make it unsuitable for use as a transactional currency, say Hannah Yee-Fen Lim and Boh Wai Fong from NTU. SINGAPORE: We see…