One Year of World’s First regulated Cryptocurrency

One of the upcoming ways of getting wealthy and attaining financial freedom in 2022 is by investing in cryptocurrency- the World’s First Regulated Cryptocurrency in the crypto industry has proved it correct.

Investing in crypto assets has a significant level of risk, but it is also quite profitable, if done with research and proper application of mind. Cryptocurrency is a great additional way to increase your long-term earnings.

What if the purchase of bitcoin and altcoins is made illegal in every country on the planet? Both large and minor investors will go for regulated cryptocurrencies. Then there’s the PNP coin, World’s First Regulated Cryptocurrency evolved in the crypto sector.

Helios launched the PNP coin in Hong Kong in 2021, making it the first-ever regulated and secure cryptocurrency in the World’s digital currency market. PNP Coin is celebrating its anniversary this year, giving us the good news of listing PNP Coin in its regulated exchange.

The top priority of the Helios Wealth Management has remained the same ever since its inception and is proud to be at the front of this financial revolution.

For continuous expansion, clear restrictions are essential. The team of Helios are extending their international compliance partnerships, expanding their existing strong compliance relationships, and localizing their operations and company to comply with local standards of all countries supporting cryptocurrency and blockchain to be safe and sustainable.

They’ve gone a step further by regulating all of the cryptocurrencies on the Helios DAX market and becoming a regulated exchange. The Helios DAX (Digital Asset Exchange), a new crypto exchange founded by the Helios Group, will list PNP Coin.

The exchange will confirm all essential regulatory norms and deliver a user-friendly experience with low slippage since they use the company’s own proprietary AI technology.

While the investors of PNP are looking forward to the company’s next move, Helios would like to take a moment here to sincerely thank all the investors, PR agencies, YouTubers, national media, and team members at PNP Coin. All of you have made significant contributions to their growth. Your dedication and hard work have shaped PNP Coin into a focused and profitable company today.

Although cryptocurrencies have been around for a decade, the fear factor index of crypto is the primary factor that still affects the growth of this fantastic technology.

The innovation of regulations in cryptocurrency and the major government’s attitude towards cryptocurrency has increased the interest in PNP Coin among crypto freaks. Get yourself with the PNP Coin and enter into the community of regulated cryptocurrency to taste the fruit of behoof.
This industry does not respect tradition — it only respects innovation.